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Session STR Shorts

As practitioners of everything surf, travel, and jiu jitsu we set out to design a pair of shorts that we could do all of these things in with ease. The process took our team 3 years to develop to find the exact materials, fits, and trims to take these from just another pair of boardshorts, to the Session STR shorts you see here.

The Industry's Most Innovative Training Short

The Design Process

Lockdown™ Waistband

The Lockdown™ waistband closure system was an R&D playground. Our goal was to design a secure closure system, but without the rough and uncomfortable features that comes with traditional velcro closures. The Lockdown™ System is an injection molded mico snap strip sewn withing the waistband that gently secures the shorts and contours your waistband for the best possible support.


Compression Short Lining

Having optimal support was also a feature that could not be compromised. With optimal training you have to have the best support and comfort that helps you train at your full pottential. Designed with a 6-Way stretch lycra, it has intentionally designed mesh panels where we need a little extra breathability. They are tailored for optimal support and the construction reflects that in the fullest. A gusseted back yoke and tapered legs hold all your goods and keeps everything where they need to be. We're talking about your cell phone of course. It comes with a pocket for that too...

4-Way Stretch Ripstop

Our designer chas been designing boardshorts for some of the top water sports industries for 10 years now. The specialized 4-way stretch ripstop Lycrester material is the perfect blend of reliable woven polyester and ultra-stretch lycra that gives these shorts the life you need to take your adventures to the max.

High Density Elastic Waistband

These aren't you standard elastic waistband shorts. We took elastic and elevated them to be optimal performance and comfort that fixed waistband and traditional bunch-o-crunch elastic waistbands wish they could be. With a hot sealed top edge and high density weave throughout, it proves to mold to any body shape and hold with just the right tension.

Secure Snaps

For those heavy north shore days or when you throw a little more wieght on the bench, we wanted to make sure your shorts stayed on. The Secure Snap system is intentionally designed to pair perfectly with the Lockdown™ System to provide an even more secure hold.

Scalloped Side Seams

And if the rest of our features didn't already provide the best fit and function, our scalloped side seams will help. Scallops on the side seams help with maneuverbility and overall funtion of the shorts in any situation.

Come Try Them On!

Still not sure about it? Come by the Kekoa shop anytime and try a pair on for yourself.


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