Meet Joah Buley

Joah Buley

Joah began to discover the benefits of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, during his career as a Professional Snowboarder.  Consistent themes like, "we bend so we won't break," and, "stillness in motion," can be found in his yoga classes today.  The spiritual aspect of yoga has been inherent in Joah since a young age, "I see life as an art, and art is an aspect of yoga; so yoga is life.               

Joah began a Hatha Yoga practice with Guru Das in 2000.  Since then he has had a timely jouney, experiencing many other aspects of, "the art of living," along the path.  Work in the motion picture industry lead Joah to a current profession as a Photographer.  "I'm moved by the aesthetic.  I am most inspired photographyically by the naturally occurring beauty that happens in yoga asana practice.  No matter the subject, it seems everyone shines more brightly when they practice yoga." 


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