Meet Joji Kempf-Kamio

donation based yogaJoji is originally from Shibuya, Japan. He moved to Honolulu, Hawaii at a very young age. Joji was introduced to yoga in August 2015 after a serious accident. In an unexpected twist of faith, his plastic surgeon suggested he start standing on his head for 30-60 seconds a day to speed up the recovery process. After the first week of attending yoga classes, he was on the verge of quitting. With the helpful encouragement of the dedicated instructors, Joji found a sense of inner peace and a different outlook on the world.                                                                            

The challenges of yoga have instilled inner contentment in a journey of self-discovery through his daily yoga practice. His commitment to yoga has brought about a quest for knowledge relating yoga to health. Joji completed his teacher training at Corepower Yoga Kahala in April 2016 and the CPY Extensions Program in June 2016. He has also studied with Bryan Kest (a original founder of power yoga) and currently studying under Dorian Wright (Founder of Power Yoga Hawaii). When he is not on his mat, Joji can be found in the ocean, in his art studio or traveling the globe for creative and spiritual inspiration. Joji is very thankful and grateful for being introduced to yoga, which he describes a a moving meditation. It is his wish to share the what he has learned with others who have had injuries or whom want to learn more about themselves through the practice of yoga. His yoga philosophy is simple, “Let your movements flow like water on and off your mat”.

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