Meet Maka Paracuelles

Aloha kakou! My name is Maka Paracuelles and I was born and raised on the island of Oahu.  I am a 200 hour certified Power Yoga teacher and a certified sculpt yoga teacher as well. The type of yoga I will be teaching is called Power Vinyasa, this flow provides the push a yogi needs to find the power in a yoga practice while also finding peace in the mindfulness of yoga.  I have been teaching yoga for the past 2 years at various places to an array of students.  I initially started teaching yoga to jiu jitsu students where I learned how to tailor the practice to fit the needs of jiu jitsu athletes which included restorative and injury preventive elements.  The most beneficial aspect of yoga for jiu jitsu and other athletes alike is the increase in consecutive days of quality training, the dynamic flows and postures of yoga provide relief from everyday aches and pains that come with the intensity of consistent training.  I currently teach at Corepower Yoga and an indoor rock climbing gym where the type of yogi differs immensely from person to person.  I truly believe yoga can impact anyone and everyoneʻs life in a positive way if given the chance.