Meet Mayu Kawasaki

Mayu was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where most of her childhood was spent in the hospital. She was born with heavy asthma which kept her very ill and so sickly that her family did not think she could live a normal life. Fast forward to the present, Mayu now lives in Hawaii where her vibrant energy and healthy lifestyle help her to lead a life of contentment and happiness. Her family now jokes about the idea of baby Mayu in the hospital because it is almost impossible to imagine she ever lived a life hospitalized. Her mother should have known she belonged in Hawaii when baby Mayu’s atopic skin was healed by dumping her into the ocean water. 

Upon moving to Hawaii, Mayu not only fell in love with the island, her health drastically got better because of it. She knows in that moment she had to trust the Universe and the Law of Attraction because she was destined to live by the ocean.

Mayu’s yoga journey started in 2007 where her physical practice was deepened with the addition of learning yoga philosophy. Because of the asthma that threatened her life, she knows that breathing was her foundation. Through practices with various yoga teachers in Japan, she was introduced to Ayurveda and Meditation. In 2015, she furthered her practice by completing her 200hr training with Hale Pule Yoga & Ayurveda School in Kauai. Mayu now holistically incorporates yoga, pranayama, meditation, and ayurvedic medicine.

Now more grounded and with a deeper understanding of proper bone alignment, Mayu focuses on strengthening the body and avoiding injuries that are common from fast-paced modern yoga classes. Through her experiences and knowledge, she ensures a safe, lifelong practice for all levels. 

Her commitment is that through the physical practice of yoga, you can find stillness in the present moment and find santosha - acceptance, satisfaction, and contentment. 


日本で様々なヨガのスタイルを経験した後、2015年、Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga school(カウアイ島)にてMyra Lewin師のもと、全米ヨガアライアンス(RYT200)修了。ヨガの姉妹とも言われるアーユルヴェーダの知恵について学び、一人一人の身体や心の状態を見て、その人に合った指導を習得。


 JYIA teacher training completed, in 2010

Ashtanga yoga (primary series) teacher training completed in 2013

Senior yoga, Maternity  yoga training completed in 2013 

Hale Pule Ayurveda & yoga school RYT 200h, Kauai in 2015

Yoga Ed. teacher training completed in 2016

Assisting for teacher training at Hale Pule Ayurveda & yoga school in 2017, 2018