Meet Talaya Hart

prenatal yoga near meTalaya practiced pregnant yoga from 12 weeks to 38 weeks as a method to calm her mind. As an active person before pregnancy the idea of slowing down was burdening, and baby had other plans. Practicing to be calm and slowing down helped Talaya welcome baby shortly after a yoga class (12 hours later) and three weeks earlier than planned. Talaya understands the importance of staying active and slowing down to foster a healthy birth and happy baby!

Talaya is 200hr EYRT, and has completely Pregnancy Yoga training as a continued education certification, she will complete a Kids Yoga certification summer 2017.  Today with a healthy and happy two year old, Talaya and daughter practice yoga together. When they aren't on their mats, they are at the park with dad, at ballet, Hula or swimming lessons. The prenatal yoga created an active baby and toddler.


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