Confucius Gi - Navy
Confucius Gi - Navy
Confucius Gi - Navy

Confucius Gi - Navy

CONFUCIUS GI: Kekoa // DxD collaboration
Kekoa Collective and Day By Day Jiu Jitsu are proud to introduce our first collaboration kimono. Jiu-jitsu first connected the brands together, but it was the alignment of values and strong business ethics that established this partnership.
The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm   -Confucius
    One of the most impressive things about the bamboo: even though they have a strong foundation, yet they still sway even in the slightest wind. In time, the wind will finally tire and subside, yet the bamboo remains standing strong.
    This "bend but will not break" virtue is relatable both in jiu-jitsu, and most importantly, in life. Take life a day at a time, but always keep moving forward.
    Join us as we disrupt the market. We believe business can and should be a force for good. We believe it can be the agent of positive and profound change.
    • Navy, with green contrast stitching and hits of bamboo brown
    • 450 gsm Pearl Weave
    • One Piece / No Back Seam
    • EVA Foam Collar
    • Ripstop Cotton Pants
    • 6 point loop system