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Only If I Had

Only If I Had
Two weeks ago I was woken up by a state wide alert that a nuclear bomb was coming to our island, Oahu. From the moment I saw the text, I had less than 15 minutes until I was vaporized to nothingness. What would YOU do if that was you? Thank God it was a F$:&'%ck up and for a brief moment many lives were changed
What if you have less than minute to live. How would you spent your last few precious moments? How would you examine the life that you have lived? Would you change anything? What would you do?
I remembered Nick woke me up and showed me the text. First I thought it was a joke but when I checked my phone I knew it was real. Living in Kaimuki, I would hear the siren testing every month. That morning I did not hear any sirens. Growing up in Vietnam, the bomb siren was so loud it would penetrate one bones. That morning the sky was blue and trade winds were less than 15 mph, just another perfect day in paradise. I went on like any other morning. Jen, Mike (whom are visiting us to celebrated their 1 yr wedding anniversary) Gabbi and Nick were waiting for my response. I was calm and reassured them that it was a mistake and if it wasn't, at least we were surrounded by family. My poor Jen was at work and she was in a middle of procedures ( My wife is a RN). 
For the next hour or so the entire state was in chaos. Some parents were forcing their children to hide in the sewers and tunnels. Most tourists were in a panicked state. 
As for me, the thought of death did occur, but for some odd reason I was not afraid. I feel like I have lived a miraculous life and I am living my dreams. I believe death is not the end. It is for the physical self but my energy/ spirit/soul lives on...I have no idea where but I honestly believe it moves on. I always believed I am a spiritual being having a humanistic experience. 
I read somewhere recently about Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder. He said the the worst 4 words in life is " only if I had..."
 Here is what he shared
" fear is a funny thing...when we think about something major we want to do: start a business, change careers, move....we think how much we regret that decisions if it does not work out...we're afraid we will regret doing what we want to do...the path seems uncertain and the future unpredictable...but when we look back, we regret all the things that we did not do:the business we did not start, the career we did not change , the move we did not make...we do not regret for the things we did, because if we made a huge mistake, we can fix it. We regret the things we didn't do. We regret the times we did not take a chance on ourselves"
Kekoa is one of the few moments I feel so proud of what Aubrey and I have started. We took a risk by chasing our dreams. Some people called us brave (mostly stupid) but that's not true at all. We might be brave but we are also afraid. Being brave without fear is being reckless. To over come our fear we must find reasons that is greater than our fear...we do it by finding purpose greater than ourselves. Once we found that we also found our courage. So really, fear is not something we wish it to dissipate but it's something  that we must overcome. 
I hope we do not see regrets as something we must avoid because we tried and failed. Regrets is much worse if if we avoid it by never try at all. 
Again, thank you for coming along our Mindful always, if we can be in service please count on us.
Thank you for supporting us and cheering us on, it is greatly appreciated.
"fear has its use, but cowardice has none" Ghandi


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