Happy New Year, Everyone

I am sure all of us shared the same experience in 2020, as the world was given an assignment from the universe to sit...

Living Purposefully

Usually it’s this time of year that all of us begin to reflect about our own personal journeys. Some of us create res...

The Mindful Movement Arrives in The Land of the Rising Sun

What I am about to share is almost inexplicable. In less than two weeks, Kekoa Collective is opening our first showro...

Leadership - The Art of Self-Mastery

I was asked by a dear friend whom I have known for years, “What has been your biggest accomplishment?"   I took a m...

Lifelong Learners

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Aristotle   In some sense I was lucky when I was 19 yrs old,...


I am 55 years old today. I am about to share a story with you from an 11 year old boy’s perspective. It’s a story tha...
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