Our Story


Ke Koa is a Hawaiian word for brave, bold, fearless, valiant, courageous, soldier, warrior, fighter, hero.

Who We Are: Kekoa is a lifestyle apparel brand inspired by our passion for traveling, surfing, yoga and jiu jitsu. We are idealists, yogis, dreamers, surfers, wanderers, jiu-jitsu practitioners, and mindful hooligans.
Kekoa Collective was founded in 2009 on the idea that surfing, jiu jitsu and traveling could be a way of life - and we’ve never looked back. A few years later we discovered yoga, and now cannot live without it.

We live by three simple life rules: work hard, play hard and do-good.  It is with this passion and joy that we live a life of humble means in terms of material wealth, but infinite in terms of happiness and self-fulfillment.  In short, sharing and teaching extends into our everyday life. In or out of the ocean, on or off the mat.
Kekoa Collective's success will not be measured in dollars alone, but also by what we contribute to the local community, and to our customers, suppliers and employees. We aim to reshape the traditional business model and become a force for positive change.  We want to abandon the “anything for a buck” business mantra and replace it with a balanced approach of for-profit, for-humanity, and for-community.  This is our differentiation, and our formula for success.

Our goal has been the same since the beginning:  to use business as an agent of change in our community, and to pioneer a new business model for the lifestyle industry.