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Living Purposefully

Living Purposefully

Usually it’s this time of year that all of us begin to reflect about our own personal journeys. Some of us create resolutions to help shape our goals for the coming year, but most of us seem to forget it or the resolutions begin to fade into the new year. As for me, I no longer have that mindset. Please allow me to expand this thought.

For the last 10 weeks doing our Kekoa Collective Mindful Living Podcast, I asked these exact two questions to most of our guests- “What is your personal truth?” and “What is the purpose of your existence?” I find it rather surprising that regardless of their age, most of our guests have not answered these questions about their own lives. When I was 19 and attended my first therapy session, I was asked very similar questions from Dr. Antrim. For the first 8 weeks, I sat in the same chair, but not a word came out of my mouth. All I did was cry. Fast forward 18 months, when I liberated all the hurt/pain and trauma that I had experienced, and I surfaced with the answer to these two questions:

1.“What is your personal truth?” To be the most loving and a kind human as possible. When I read the book of “The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi” back then, the following words etched into my soul (He was one of my idols at that time and still is to this day):

“THE FORCE of love is the same as the force of the soul or truth. We have evidence of its working at every step. The universe would disappear without the existence of that force. Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction. I believe that the sum total of the energy of mankind is not to bring us down but to lift us up, and that is the result of the definite, if unconscious, working of the law of love. I am trying every moment of my life to be guided by ahimsa, by love. I am essentially a lover of peace.” Mahatma Gandhi, 1947.

2.“What is the purpose of your existence?” To touch the inner spirit of humanity, to help alleviate human sufferings.

Looking back, all of us are born into this world full of love, but through life itself and living, the plaque of hurt, pain begins to build on top of the layer of love. I truly think this is why we see that humans are in a constant state of hurt, anger, and toxicity. It is once we work through these layers of toxicity that we are able to love healthily. (Self-love)

Once I derive to this new thought, I no longer care about all the distractions from my parents or my surroundings. Many of us plan our life thinking our vocations & money are the answers. And for many of us, we are still at a loss and feeling somewhat empty from within. The mansions, the cars, and the fame somehow are still not good enough!

I wish all of you a great year, and I do not have any words left in my vocabulary to express my gratitude. It is introspections that feed our souls, so please find a quiet place with stillness and begin the journey. Much love and happy new year!

I am leaving you a text I just received recently. Usually it’s around this time of year that I am so blessed to be reminded of my answer to question #2. (It’s my own personal GPS)

“I actually cried and got all emotional thinking about how you have affected my life. Even though I don’t see you every day like I used to, you still have an effect on my daily life and actions. I always think about the things you taught me and how changing my perspective can make such a huge difference. I could never express in words how much of an impact having you in my life has made. I love you!! C.L"


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