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Mindful Living - The Meaning

Mindful Living - The Meaning

Mindful Living - living consciously with intent and with higher purpose

I was asked why did you choose "mindful living" as your slogan for Kekoa Collective. We were having wine in our lanai on top of St Louis Height as we were watching the sun set over Waikiki. By this time, we were on our second bottle of cabernet, Joel Gott. I went on sharing my thoughts.

I have experienced 2 recessions in my life time. The first was right after I graduated from high school, 1980 and the other was in 2009, and this time I was in the peak of my career.

The recession 2009 have taught me so much about humanity and the illusion of power. For most of us we all have a very similar definition of success, especially the American success. Usually we define success with power and this type of power derives from money, fame and status. Some called this external power. We think happiness lies in this power but it’s nothing but the opposite. For the most part, external power is usually gain by someone else suffering or loss. During the recession, I know many men have lost their jobs and quickly after that they have lost their power. Some of them have attach their identity with this power and now they became lost men. The external power is a black hole. It has an unquenching thirst. The cup can never be full. It is driven by the ego thus it has no ending. It simply cannot be satisfied.

On the opposite side of external power is the power of self. Some call it spiritual power. Some calls it authentic power. This power derives by connecting us to a bigger source. Some call it God and man has many terms for it. As for me I call it love. We attain this power by aligning our thoughts, emotions and actions to our highest part of the Self. At this state of spiritual power (or power of the soul), it loves all life in all forms and it has no judgement. In this state of power, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning. This power cannot be bought, inherited, or hoarded; however, it can be shared, or be given. The power of the soul is driven by love thus it has no desire to harm, or control others. The greatest example of this is Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

Our goal with Kekoa Collective is to be that tipping point to help our society move towards this consciousness. Our definition of success is not measure in financial gain alone but it’s being measured by how many lives we touched and how many humans moving towards living in this light.

In conclusion, for us to begin a path towards this light, we must live mindfully and to live consciously. Imagine a society where human is powered by the Soul/Love.

- Dewey Doan


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