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You Must Have A Dream

You Must Have A Dream

You Must Have A Dream

"You must have a dream, a dream so grand that it will soar to the heavens" Masaharu Taniguchi.

It was an accident that I picked up Masaharu’s book at Goodwill back in 2013. At that time, the dream of starting Kekoa Collective was nothing more than a vision in my head. If anything, it was a constant static voice that would not rest.

Like most of us, I started wishing at a young age. The rituals of Christmas and birthdays are the first lesson in dreams, but it was masquerade of wishes. As we get older, we discover that Santa is not real and birthdays begin to matter less and less. Once we reach adulthood, some of us have given up on our dreams (wishes) – only a few pursue our dreams and make it into a reality. The funny thing about dreaming is that it has no boundaries. Whether you are poor, or rich, all of us have the power to dream.

Simply look around.

All the beautiful things surrounding our lives were a dream, at one point, in someone’s mind. Dreams give us the power to transcend actuality and the power to overcome the impossible.

The first step towards launching dreams is that we must face our fears. There are two factors that fuel our fear: fear of losing our material possessions (attachment), and fear of failure (ego). These fears stop us from moving forward and truly living our best life. Whether a dream stays as a dream or it becomes a reality depends on our determination, our courage, our tenacity to carry out whatever it takes until the goal is attained.

Kekoa Collective started by taking our passion for living a life of humble means in terms of material wealth, but infinite in terms of happiness and self-fulfillment, and embedding it deep within the core of the brand. We built our business model to the likes of Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard and North Face’s Doug Tomkins. These men use commerce to create change for the betterment of humanity and our earth. For these men, preserving the earth and ocean are their life quests. For Kekoa Collective, we want to abandon the “anything for a buck” business mantra and replace it with a balanced approach of for-profit, for-humanity, and for-community.  This is our differentiation, our formula for success, and the final product of our dreams.

It is now up to you to follow your own dreams. We empathize with you in the fear of making that first leap, and the very real fear of failing. We have been there and continue to make those leaps of faith every day. But when you finally find your passion and work hard to make your dreams take shape, is becomes nothing short of discovering a truly fulfilled life.


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