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Elevating the Kimono with Innovative Technology

Feeling weighed down during your rolls is exhausting. We are breaking the mold of traditional kimonos by introducing cross-industry technology into the BJJ industry.


We are extremely excited to continue to revolutionize the industry with lifestyle-based sportswear design and aesthetic features.

Intentional Design and Construction

Jacket Features


  • Tailored jacket with back yoke construction designed to showcase the Kekoa Collective logo.
  • Trims and seam construction placed for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Abstract surreal interpretation of the traditional aloha shirt.

Pant Features


  • Back panel construction gives a traditional pant feel.
  • Enforced panels for extra support and comfort.
  • Intricate stitch and trim details.
  • Polymer taping across all rough bar tack exposures.
  • Lined wrist and ankle cuffs with dual layer cotton twill for structure and reliance.

Extremely Lighweight Fabric

There is fine line of light weight and durability,


The fabric of the Aloha Technical Gi is a polyester, cotton, and spandex dri-release twill blend with carbon brushed, wicking 235gsm fabric.


We spent the last two years training, washing, hot drying, and testing the durability of this fabric.


No shrink, no smell, no fading.


This gi is the perfect travel companion, weighing less than two pounds (A1L) and rolls into about the size of a large waterbottle.

Kekoa Collective Values

Aloha Technical Gi

Pre-Order Price: $190

Price After 9/4: 238.50


As a special launch offer, we are discounting the price of our new Aloha Technical Gi for all pre order purchases. Get yours while its 50$ off and receive it this 2022 Holiday season.