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Chris Miyashiro

Chris Miyashiro


     Chris Miyashiro - Chris was born at Kaiser Permanente Moanalua. The hospital was literally a mile from the house he grew up in. The house sits on a ridge half way back in the majestic Moanalua Valley. It rains 300 days out of a year and 50% of the time, rainbows rise behind his backyard from the Mauka side of the valley. His father Curtis was the second generation of surfers descended from natives of Okinawa Island. Curtis grew up on the windward side of Oahu and is an avid surfer. By the time Chris could walk, he was immersed in the salty sea. Surfing was not his first love. It was skating that spoke to him. At eight years old, his father brought a Powell Peralta skate board home from a trade show that he attended. Within days, Chris was skipping meals in his back yard, and skating until dark. Curtis built a quarter pipe ramp in his backyard and Chris was in heaven. What came with his new addiction is his love for photography. He would film his friends skating with the Flip Camera. He had no idea how to put all the footage together to make a movie. Using Google he discovered I-movie and within 72 hours Chris produced his first film. Chris spent his youth homeschooling on the North Shore and watching “In Search of Animal Chin” with his skate buddies. As a matter of fact, one of his all-time favorite skate parks is the Banzai Skate Park across from Pipeline. He took Da Bus through out the entire island in search of empty pools and skate parks. It wasn’t until Chris turned 14 that surfing consumed his life. Most of his “home-schooling-buddies” grew up surfing Ehukai sand bar and occasionally they ventured out towards Off the Wall, Rockies and Sunset. His father became the sales representative for GoPro and now the usual surf trips to the Country turned into a day of adventure. They hiked. They dove in vast caves. They skated. They did whatever their hears desired and Chris was there to capture it all. He is going to Azusa College to study film in Fall of 2016.


Three bands/musicians in your I-tunes at all times?  

Black Sabbath, Bowie and Led Zeppelin

What inspire you to do what you do? 

Life. Just look around us. There’s beauty everywhere!

Who influences you the most? 

Well..... everyone! but mostly individuals who will be themselves despite the worlds idea of cool

Name a few? 

Jay Adams and Dave Rasta

Your addictions are? 

Surfing, skating, traveling, capturing moments with the lens ....and making random art doodles

Your view or advice on life? 

Don't worry be happy, learn from yesterday, live for today and be ready for forever

Any last words?

Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, because I am flying to Australia then to Sumbawa for a month tomorrow evening! 




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Chris Miyashiro