Class Descriptions

Restorative Yoga:

This class is set at a slower pace and deeper breath. The class begins with postures that will help you to recoupe from your day then build into an energetic flow to awaken your body, and will end with restorative postures. The intention of this class is to balance your nervous system by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system and create more heightened body awareness. 

Sunset Yoga:

This class is rooted in the flowing dynamic of Vinyasa yoga linking breath and posture, with a strong focus on alignment and mindfulness as students move. The sequence and energy level will change with the needs and desires of each class, and students are encouraged to follow their own rhythm. A playful attitude and willingness to try are all you need.

Vinyasa Flow:

This Vinyasa yoga focuses on the linking of movement with breath. The sequence and energy level will change with the needs and desires of each class. It is encouraged to follow your own rhythm.

420 Rest & Restore:

Whether you're medicated or not, this class will get you yoga-stoned. Chill out in easy yoga poses combined with powerful breath meditation. Perfect for reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and for athletes who want to open and restore their body, mind and spirit. Everyone is welcome, come as you are, leave floating on a cloud. 

Pau Hana Power Hour:

This class is perfect to squeeze in that last sweaty workout before the leisures of the weekend. In just 60 minutes we will get it all done - cardio, core, strength training and a juicy stretch. Fast(er)-paced but accessible to all levels, we will move with our breath and sweat it out. Come smile and laugh through a fun, total body yoga workout.