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Meet Kat Costin

Kat has always been an active and energetic person. She directed this energy for 12 years into swimming, the last 4 as an NCAA Division 1 athlete. When her swimming career ended, she needed a new outlet and an effective way to cope with her loss of identity as a swimmer, and yoga was a perfect fit. When she found yoga, she was able to find a stillness and quiet to balance her natural tendencies.

She began her yoga practice in March of 2016, immediately at the end of her swimming career. She practiced on and off throughout 2016 and 2017 in the midst of a move to Hawaii and beginning a new sport, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In 2018, she resumed her yoga practice in earnest, and found that it is a perfect complement to her Jiu Jitsu game. Even more importantly, however; yoga has helped her find a completeness to life that she didn’t know existed before, and is passionate to share with others what yoga has done for her. 

She has a keen interest in yoga anatomy, and wants to help others reach their full potential in their grappling or any sport or activity they participate in with yoga.